There are many variations of tanks for vapers and it can get very confusing! Allow me to briefly explain what tank does what under each link.


We are not a bricks and mortar store so are unable to give face to face advice however we have an extensive amount of knowledge on our facebook group, simply search for Bohemian VapeCity or click the link below!

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Mouth to Lung Tanks


You often see these called MTL Tanks. Essentially, these tanks are made to imitate inhaling like a cigarette; where you take a draw into your mouth and then breathe into your lungs.


These are best for those looking to quit smoking and using higher nicotine liquids. It is best to use 50vg/50pg or nicotine salts in these tanks.


(Rebuildable Dripper Atomizers)


Rebuildable Dripper Atomizers (RDA's for short), are effectively empty shells for you to be able to install your handmade or premade coils into (as well as cotton). These are the best tanks for flavour as you drip liquid directly onto the coils which means a purer flavour.


These are not for beginners and we recommend understanding Ohms Law before purchasing. 

Sub-Ohm Tanks


These are the most popular tanks on the market. They are low in coil resistance (ohms) meaning that they produce a lot of vapour!


These are also known as Direct to Lung Tanks (DTL) as you inhale similarly to how you would suck on a straw. These are best with 70vg/30pg or higher VG content liquids.


(Rebuildable Tank Atomizers)

OFRF Gear RTA collection.png

Rebuildable Tank Atomizers (RTA's) are incredibly similar to RDA's - They are also not recommended for beginners and they are also like an empty shell, ready for you to install the coils and cotton.


The main difference is that RDAs are literally just coils and cotton inside a metal casing, RTAs are a bit more complex to install coils and to put cotton in (also known as wicking). They do however have the added advantage of being a tank so you can fill them up and not have to drip every few puffs like an RDA.

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