Featuring the most quintessentially British flavours you can imagine, JUST JAM has been around since sub-ohm vaping was born. Multiple award winning and hundreds of thousands of bottles sold, JUST JAM is here to stay!

Just Jam Original Range

Flavour Choice
  • Apricot & Peach - Apricot and Peach jam

    Apricot Crumble - fresh Apricot jam with a crumble base!

    Apricot Sorbet - Apricot jam, frozen into a sorbet!

    Berry Shortbread Cookie - a beautiful shortbread cookie with lumps of berries!

    Blueberry - Blueberry Jam 

    Gingerbread - Gingerbread Jam

    Original - Tasty Strawberry jam.

    Raspberry - fresh, juicy Raspberry jam.

    Raspberry Doughnut - Deep fried doughnut with raspberry jam.

    Scone - Being British, we love afternoon tea! A staple part of afternoon tea is, of course, scones smothered in tasty Raspberry Jam!

    Strawberry Doughnut - A beautiful mix to create a sweet deep fried doughnut with an explosion of Strawberry Jam!

    Toast - Who can resist toast smothered in fresh, juicy Strawberry Jam?! I CANT!!

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