Cyber Rabbit is one of the most sought after liquids around. They are full of flavour and mouthwateringly tasty!

All liquids are 70VG/30PG.


The 50ml comes in a 60ml bottle with enough space for a nicotine shot to make it 3mg.

The 100ml comes in a 120ml bottle with enough space for 2 x nicotine shots to make it 3mg.

Cyber Rabbit

Flavour Choice
  • Argon - Argon By Cyber Rabbit is an incandescent glow of zesty lemons, illuminates a deep and juicy blackcurrant haze.

    Neon - Neon By Cyber Rabbit is A matrix of fruits, poised to takeover, juicy peach with a grapefruit citrus backdrop.

    Xenon - Xenon By Cyber Rabbit is A dazzling beam of blueberries against a flickering halo of full bodied pomegranate.

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