Kits and Mods

Starter Mods/Kits


Perfect for those looking to quit smoking, they tend to have large battery life whilst maintaining a sleek and portable designs.

They tend to be more expensive than pod systems initially however replacement coils tend to cost a little less than the replacement pods for pod systems.

Pod Systems


Pod Systems are fantastic, relatively cheap little kits - easy to use as you just fill the pod, plug it in and away you go! They are super portable with most fitting into jean pockets without being heavy or bulky.

The downside is the battery life tends to be less than Starter Mods/Kits and the replacement pods tend to work out more expensive.


Sub-Ohm (Regulated) Mods/Kits

Sub Ohm Mods and Kits are the typical vapers choice. they provide fantastic flavour and are adjustable wattage - you can vape low wattage for a cooler, less vapour production exhale or you can have higher wattage for a hotter vape with a lot more vapour production.


You also dont have the hassle of having to make your own coils but will have to still change coils when they burn.


Squonk Mods/Kits

Squonk mods and kits were made for those that like to use rebuildable devices but want a larger juice capacity.


The Squonk mods and kits tend to work the same way - you have a silicone bottle that you squeeze which pushes juice upwards into the RDA deck** - this gets soaked into the cotton and onto the coils ready to be vaped. 

*Please note that some Squonk Mods/Kits do not have safety features.

**Please ensure you are using an RDA deck with a BF Pink installed (It is a 510 pin with a hole in the middle for the juice to flow through)

Mechanical Mods/Kits


Mechanical Mods tend to be the most expensive devices that you can buy. This is because they are normally machine made and engraved to a very high standard. 

This being said, they also tend to feel classy in your hands and are very stylish.  Mechanical Mods use the full power of batteries so they all pack a real punch!

*Mechanical devices have no safety measures so we must make sure that all customers have a good understanding of Ohms Law and battery safety before a mechanical mod is dispatched.

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